Did You Know? – Not All Digitizing is the same…



Not every embroidery digitizer is the same.

Our clients have known us to have one of the best quality embroideries in our industry.  One of the main reasons for this is because we have our own internal quality conscious digitizers on hand.

Many clients in the recent times have tried to save costs by sending their digitizing to a local or overseas digitizing service through the internet.  More often than not, we’d sewout their logos with horrible results.

One reason for this, we found out that many of them if not majority have never ran an actual embroidery machine to test out their logos.

If you ask them to send a picture of a sewout, they will send an image of a printed “TRUE VIEW” that looks like a virtual sewout, not quite a sewout.  If you ask for a sewout, they usually say they can’t because it’s not part of their service.

It’s important for a digitizer to sewout all their work, no matter how simple the logo may be.  They also have to know what material the logo will be sewn on so that he/she can change the density or pull compensation.  Some materials stretch more than others, some have rough surface, others have thick density, therefore, all of these factors are important.

We found that in order to be a quality digitizer, you have to have some of these qualities:

*    Detailed eye

*    Experience in running a production machine.  (Years of experience is ideal)

*    Artistic character

*    Garment knowledge

It’s important to digitize/set up a logo with the highest quality in the intial stages so that every order and re-order will turn out looking fantastic.