Our Story

Modern Embroidery, Incorporated was built on a simple foundation of good service.
Started by President and C.E.O. Gene Y. Lee the company has been thriving since it first began in November of 93.
His experience in engineering helped build a natural understanding of the subtle details necessary to operate and run embroidery machines. Long days and nights of tension adjustments, hooping caps & garments, re-threading machines, programming, digitizing tapes, trimming for final quality all helped to gather the professional experience necessary to later provide informative quality service to customers.

First started in a modest 1,800 square foot warehouse with just one embroidery machine, Gene was able to build what is now an operation that produces over 250,000 units per month with 200 + heads of embroidery. Maintained in over 15,000 square feet of production space and 90+ employees the company’s revenue continues to grow every year. We believe good customer service is providing “Quality on Time”.

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