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By placing orders with Modern Embroidery, Inc., you are stating on behalf of your
company, acknowledgment and acceptance of our terms and conditions below:

1. All orders to be paid C.O.D. cashier’s check until credit terms are established.

2. We reserve a 2% damage and underrun/overrun allowance on all orders. Damaged pieces will be returned upon request.

3. We assume merchandise shipped from you or your vendor are correct. We will not be held responsible for incorrect merchandise being embroidered. Customer to handle return of blank merchandise in a timely manner, as we will not be held liable for extra, unused goods once order has been completed.

4. All embroidery and shipping instructions must be noted on purchase order. We are not responsible for instructions not submitted in writing. We must also consent in writing to any changes/revisions made to existing orders.

5. Cancellations may only be made prior to start of production. All costs incurred up to when order was cancelled will be billed. A 15% cancellations fee with a  $20.00 minimum  will apply.

6. Any claims or disputes must be made in writing within 10 days after receipt of order.

7. Billing disputes should be reported to the accounting department immediately. Do not deduct from payments unless there is a corresponding credit memo for that amount issued by us. Reimbursement for damages is only credited via company credit memos.

8. Your terms are net from the ship date of the order. A finance charge at a monthly rate of 1.5% (18% APR) will accrue on past due invoices. It is mutually understood and agreed that invoices must be promptly paid. Credit terms will be revoked without notice on accounts that are continuously delinquent, and these accounts will be reverted to COD terms. Customer agrees to pay for all collection, legal, and bank costs, if such actions are required.For clients with net terms: Invoices sent via fax or email within five (5) business days of shipdate.

9. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of California. If suit is necessary to recover payment, you agree to submit to the jursdiction of the Small Claims and/or Superior Court of California, County of Orange for enforcement.

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