Our mission is simple:

To be our customers' First Choice Embroidery Provider by delivering top quality work and services.

High Quality Embroidery Factory Santa Ana, Ca

Embroidery Service

We professionally embroider logos on just about anything. 

If it fits, we will embroider it. 

Specialized Service

  • Customized Fulfillment
  • Personalizations
  • Fold and polybag merchandise
  • Drop ship  via 3rd party 
  • Sew labels and patches
  • Supply caps, hats and beanies

Highest Quality and Benefits

There are benefits to working with us.  With over  25 years in the embroidery business, we continue to produce Fortune 500 company  logos, including such names as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, 3M, Disney  and more.   We understand the need for the highest quality with extreme detail and care.

Multihead Tajima Embroidery Machines Santa Ana CA, USA

Quick Turn Service

We offer quick turn service including same day rush on small and large quantity orders alike.

High Capacity Embroidery Production Santa Ana, Ca.

Quality Equipment

We  run Tajima computerized machines,  the gold standard for the embroidery industry.

Large Capacity Embroidery Factory Santa Ana, Ca

Production in America

We proudly produce all of our work in the United States with the  highest commitment to  quality and excellence. 



Our Story

We built our business on a simple foundation of great service.

Started in 1993 by our founder Gene, the company has been thriving since.  His  experience of engineering helped build a natural understanding of the subtle details necessary to operate and run embroidery machines.  Long days and nights of tension adjustments, hooping garments, re-threading machines, programming logos, and trimming for final quality all helped to gather the professional experience necessary to later provide high quality products to our customers.

We have grown to an operation running  24 hours/ 7 day production. Embroidering several million pieces per year, we have become one of the top leaders in our industry.  We believe good customer service is providing "Quality on Time".  


Same Day Rush Service

We can help you with any last minute rush orders.  Please contact one of our customer support members.  If we can't do it, no one else can. 

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Modern Embroidery, Inc.

3300 South Yale Street, Santa Ana, California 92704, United States

Tel: (714) 436-9960


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09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Monday - Friday: Office hrs: 9am to 5pm  

Saturday and Sunday :  Office Closed 

Production hours :  24 hours / 7 days 

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